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One of the increasingly popular window advertising types is the see-thru window decal, sometimes referred to as perforated window graphics or one-way vision graphics. When these graphics are applied to storefront windows, customers on the inside of the glass can see through them to what’s outside, but not the other way around. In other words, the only thing people on the outside can see is the signage or image itself.

See-thru window signage is ideal for filtering light, increasing security, or simply advertising on a window without losing the natural light that comes through the windows. From an advertising and marketing standpoint, though, one-way vision graphics are great for drawing attention with eye-catching color to a particular sale, announcement, or slogan.

See-thru graphics are made possible by printing onto a unique white vinyl film that has thousands of hole perforations and a black backside. The perforations can range in size to make viewing through the material easier or make the graphic more vibrant. A 70/30 pattern implies that there is 70% material and 30% holes, and the graphics will be more impactful but harder to view through a 50/50 ratio pattern.

One of the secrets to this material is that the printable side starts with a white substrate to make the colors POP, but the opposing side is black to make viewing easy on the eyes. The human eye naturally focuses on whatever is brighter so it easily looks through the black material and focuses on what is beyond the glass.

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